The geography of Norway is dominated by vast mountain ranges, broken up by green and fertile valleys, jagged coastline and deep fjords. Glaciers were the major cause for erosion and the creation of fjords, and the terrain of the Norwegian mountains consists of plateaus and lakes with peaks, abundant and diverse flora and fauna. Steep cliffs along the coastline plunge into the sea in breathtaking landscapes.

Norway is home to over 300 mountain peaks over 2,000 meters tall, and most mountains are easily accessible thanks to extensive infrastructure throughout the country, with manageable heights and no need to acclimatize crew or cast to the altitude. Many of the major cities such as Bergen, Ålesund and Tromsø are surrounded by mountain peaks, and throughout the country there are mountains accessible by lifts and gondola.

Season variations are great, in summer the mountains can be lush, in autumn the flora an incredible array of red and yellow, in winter barren and snow-swept, and spring an explosion of green and blossoms. Inland mountain areas are often snow-covered until late May, whereas mountains closer to the open sea, for the most part of the year, offer barren landscapes.