Scene from Alaska Johansson

Alaska Johansson

2013 – Ulvik
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Alaska Johansson


Alaska Johansson, played by Alina Levshin ("Warrior"), is a perfect woman and in her profession as one of the best headhunters. When she will one day, almost fired from her married boss, with whom she has a relationship and at the same time learns that their relationship has no chance, she wants to kill himself with a poison cocktail. She is prevented at the last minute because, as a child enters in Halloween costume into her home and demanded sweets. Something seems with the child but not to vote. Later, the neighbor will claim that he had no child, though Alaska has seen it in his apartment ... Alaska's world gets more and more out of control, their observations are dismissed as delusions. When making her car itself and it gets into a serious car accident, it seems clear that the whole thing is a conspiracy against them. Or is there another dark secret in Alaska's life?

Director: Achim von Borries


Western Norway

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