Troll takes place in contemporary Norway, a fantasy thriller centered on a monstrous and gigantic creature that rises from the stone mountains and traverses the Norwegian countryside, leaving a trail of destruction. Upon the creature’s revival by developers blasting through the mountain, the military and officials turn to a paleontologist to mitigate the damage caused by the colossal troll. Despite their efforts, the creature's fury grows as it heads toward the capital city of Oslo, causing widespread devastation.

There is nothing that can beat the Norwegian landscape as a backdrop!
Espen Horn, Producer

Troll was filmed entirely in Norway, with nearly all locations in the film shot in their actual places, and in chronological order, giving the audience an immersive and unique experience.

The film opens on The Troll Wall. According to lore, this wall was once a large family of trolls frozen in space by the sun, and it is Europe’s highest vertical rock wall.

Dovre Mountains
The Troll's awakening scene filmed at the foot of these mountains, an area of both historical and mythical significance. The mountains literally come alive in the film as the Troll explodes from the natural surroundings, its textures and colors reflecting the mountain from which it emerged.

With its rugged terrain and towering peaks, this national park embodies the essence of the mythical troll’s homeland, and is host to unique Norwegian flora and wild fauna. With a name from Norse mythology where Jotun means giant, it literally means “home of the giants”

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Photo: © 2022 Netflix

A small village in the Ulstein municipality in Sunnmøre. The village had 186 inhabitants as of January 1, 2018. Flø is located in a weather-exposed area, right by the open sea and surrounded by dramatic nature.

Actress Ine Marie Wilmann in Flø. Photo: © 2022 Netflix
Actress Ine Marie Wilmann in Flø. Photo: © 2022 Netflix

A small community featuring 7 of the 10 highest mountains in Norway.

Featuring the world’s most photographed troll statue, towering above the amusement park, Hunderfossen is itself a piece of Norwegian film history featuring a massive grotto with hundreds of troll puppets created by famed Norwegian director Ivo Caprino.

Jallo Faber (Director of Photography) and Roar Uthaug (Director)
Jallo Faber (Director of Photography) and Roar Uthaug (Director) at Hunderfossen. Photo: © 2022 Netflix

The capital city features prominently in many pivotal sequences, with scenes shot around and under the Parliament and the Royal Palace, adding a touch of urban reality to the mystical tale. The Ekeberg neighborhood served as backdrop for the penultimate scene.

A gigantic Troll in Oslo. Photo: © 2022 Netflix
A gigantic Troll in Oslo. Photo: © 2022 Netflix

The production of Troll involved extensive collaboration with various Norwegian authorities to manage complex logistics. This included the Norwegian Armed Forces, national park organizations, municipal police services, and road authorities on both municipal and national levels. These efforts ensured that the film could take full advantage of Norway's diverse landscapes while adhering to environmental regulations, particularly in protected areas like national parks. The production needed to block all main traffic lanes in and out of Oslo, including major arteries and public transportation, and secure permission to film catastrophe sequences around the Parliament and the Palace.

No other country offers the diverse and spectacular locations that Norway does. In some regions, you can shoot on snowy mountains in the morning and move to sandy beaches in the afternoon.
Audun Skarbøvik, Location scout
Behind the scenes of Troll
Jallo Faber (Director of Photography), Ine Marie Wilmann as Nora Tidemann and Roar Uthaug (Director) Photo: © 2022 Netflix

Directed by Roar Uthaug, produced by Espen Horn and Kristian Sinkerud at Motion Blur, Troll is a uniquely Norwegian story. A sequel is currently in post-production.


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Director of Troll, Roar Uthaug

Director Roar Uthaug

– I love that with a short drive you can reach wildly different locations. It definitely adds a lot of production value to a movie.

The film's use of spectacular Norwegian nature led to nominations for the LMGI Awards for «Outstanding Locations in a Contemporary Feature Film», the EUFCN Award for «Best European Film Location» at the Berlinale Film Festival, and it won «Outstanding Use of Locations» at Global Production Awards, awarded at the Cannes Film Festival.

Troll takes you on a wild adventure through some of the most spectacular locations in Norway.
Leo Resnes, Location manager

With production taking place across the West, East and capital regions, and the regional film commissions covering these areas along with Midgard provided practical support to the production.

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