Norway takes the spotlight as a premier filming destination with an unprecedented achievement: three out of the five locations nominated for the European Film Location Awards hail from the breathtaking landscapes of Norway! This historic moment marks the first time in the awards' history that a single country has been selected multiple times in the same year.

As always with the EUFCN Location Award, the breadth and quality of the locations entered have been outstanding, making ranking the top 5 out of the excellent 24 entries, very difficult, albeit very enjoyable. The jury has been happily surprised to see how filmmakers managed to make such creative use in their productions of a spectacular array of landscape, architecture and cultural heritage found in Europe. It is unusual to have three nominees from the same country, but Helsetkopen, Jotunheimen and Romsdalen Gondola were so strong and unique that they really rose to the top, and it felt appropriate to celebrate these different locations, which played a significant role in three very different productions shot in Norway. Together with Portugal’s compelling Hotel Parque do Rio and the fascinating Irish island of Inis Mór, the finalists will reflect the importance and value of filming locations, essential characters in a story. Congratulations to all the entrants and the work they put in to make the work of the judges as consistent as possible. - EUFCN Location Award 2023 Jury

Tom Cruise stunt on Helsetkopen
Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One © 2023 Paramount Pictures

The recognition received is a testament to the allure of Norwegian filming locations, renowned for their uniqueness, drama, and attractiveness. The nominated locations—Lom-Jotunheimen, Romsdalen Gondal, and Helsetkopen—served as the breathtaking backdrops for three remarkable productions: Troll, Succession, and Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One.

The winner will be revealed during the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale), determined by a pan-European vote.

Kudos to True North Norway, the Norwegian film production service providers for both Succession and Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning Part One, and to Motion Blur, producer of the record-breaking Norwegian-language film Troll.

Troll in Jotunheimen
Troll © Netflix

The Norwegian submissions to EUFCN awards were made by the Norwegian Film Commission, and the regional commissions the Western Norway Film Commission and Eastern Norway Film Commission.