Tom Cruise, director Christopher McQuarrie, and the rest of the cast & crew returned to Norway in 2020 to film several of the most spectacular action scenes in cinema history. For example, the already iconic scene where Cruise jumps a motorcycle of the mountain Helsetkopen.

“Just look at Norway. It’s one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It’s a great place to shoot. It’s endlessly beautiful and had absolutely everything we needed,” McQuarrie tells Nettavisen.

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The filmmakers also filmed the spectacular train sequence, featuring legendary Esai Morales, in hand-to-hand combat on a fast-moving train in the district of Møre og Romsdal.

“The rail line gave us access to was truly one of a kind. It was a beautiful terrain. To be able to shoot in an environment like that over such a long distance was such a huge opportunity,” McQuarrie tells Filmweb.

Photo: © 2023 Paramount Pictures

More than 200 Norwegian crew members worked on Dead Reckoning Part One, with the production investing 175 M NOK locally.

“They were great and really wonderful. Mission: Impossible is a tightknit family, and the local crew in Norway integrated with them instantly. They really knew what they were doing, particularly the pilots we had there and the mountain climbing team who had to recover all the motorcycles. It is extremely dangerous and extreme terrain to work in. But they were very, very good,” says McQuarrie.

Tor Arne Øvrebø, Production Manager on the movie, says the Norwegian landscape is the perfect fit for Mission: Impossible.

“The spectacular locations, combined with the fact that Norway has a really good infrastructure, unique lighting conditions and incredibly skilled technical crews, make Norway an ideal filming location,” says Production Manager Tor Arne Øvrebø who says the production shot at some of the most spectacular filming locations in the world:

“Tom Cruise’ motorcycle jump was shot at the 1246-meter tall Helsetkopen mountain, while the dramatic train ride was shot on Rauma Railway, named one of Europe’s most beautiful railway lines.”

The Rauma Railway takes you through some of the most dramatic of Norway's landscape.

“The film makers were inspired by the stunning and breathtaking Norwegian landscape. During the recce, they discovered the rail line and added it to the story. The shooting of the train sequence was a big operation as the rail line is active and we had to get permission from a great number of parties. We got the train from the Norwegian Railway Museum and then it was transformed into the Orient Express. We also worked closely with the Norwegian National Rail Administration and SJ who operates the railway. Looking at the sequence, I am very pleased with the end-result. It’s always a pleasure welcoming the Mission: Impossible team in Norway,” Øvrebø says.

Yvonne Wold, Mayor of the municipality Rauma, is gearing up for a tourism boom following the increased attention to the region.

“It is wonderful for the region that these spectacular scenes were filmed on the roof of the Rauma Railway, and the surrounding fjord and mountains area. The film will undoubtedly reach a massive audience, so in addition to all the activity during filming, we are preparing for an increase of film tourists to our region.”

Photo: © 2023 Paramount Pictures.

Wold looks back on the Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One production fondly.

“It was great to have the production based in our village. There was nearly 350 people in the crew, which provided opportunities for local contractors, in addition to the amazing marketing and interest in our surroundings.”

Wold is proud that the filmmakers chose to film in Rauma.

“These large studio productions can film anywhere in the world. We are very proud that decided to film in our region. I also must add that the collaboration with the local production service company Truenorth Norway has been great. We have now collaborated with the team on several studio projects, and they have been great for the municipality. In recent years, movies and series like Black Widow, Succession, Troll and most recently The Gorge with Miles Teller have been filmed here.”

And what’s next for Hollywood’s new hotspot?

“We would love to use our dramatic scenery for the next Top Gun movie or Marvel production, although the next Jason Bourne or Maleficent movie would be perfect here as well. I am also dreaming about having Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett shooting in the area,” says Wold.

So, if you want to shoot in Norway: Your mission, should you choose to accept it…

Photo: © 2023 Paramount Pictures.

Production services in Norway provided by Truenorth.

Read more about the production from the regional screen agency Western Norway Film Fund.