“Gathering such a broad swathe of experienced industry members, learning and discussing global best practice within the context of the Norwegian industry, will undeniably have a positive and long-term effect,” says Meghan Beaton, Chief Executive of the Norwegian Film Commission. “Both expanding and increasing competence within the indigenous crew base is of vital importance to maintain our competitive advantage within the global industry, and will naturally contribute to sustainable growth of the national industry.”

During this hands-on workshop, Clark-Hall talked about the importance of developing a workable schedule and an accurate budget that leads to a smooth production without detracting from creative inspiration. Participants learned effective planning skills to manage schedules for optimalorganisation and to meet a timely delivery; how to schedule utilising block versus cross-boarding; and how to boost budget acumen from season to season. The course also covered an introduction to virtual production.

The workshop was designed for experienced line producers, production managers and assistant directors, who want to gain more familiarity with scheduling and budgeting for high-end television series production.

The course was held by Netflix Grow Creative in collaboration with the Norwegian Film Commission, Virke Produsentforeningen, and Filmforbundet, with support from the Norwegian Film Institute.