DISCOVER a country that is enchanting and unique, a country where nature creates art. IMAGINE a country with seasons dominated by either light or darkness, a country where the sea meets the mountains, where the melting snow gives way to delicate blossom.

Welcome to Norway and to Europe’s most extraordinary scenery! Friendly, down-to-earth people, breathtaking locations, summer nights that are as bright as day and crisp, snowy winters make Norway the location with a difference. 

You will not meet Thor Heyerdahl or Henrik Ibsen, but you will definitely encounter the same visionary spirit and creativity that inspired them as soon as you arrive in Norway.

The Norwegian landscape that turned Norwegians into Vikings, adventurers and explorers, is breathtakingly spectacular. Add to this the incandescent light of Norwegian summers and the vast snow-covered expanses of winter, phenomena such as the Midnight Sun and the fascinating light show of the aurora borealis, and you have a combination that makes Norway a setting with the potential to really make your film stand out from the crowd.

Norway extends across 14 degrees of latitude, and measures 1.752 kilometers from north to south. This means the country has a variation in landscape, vegetation and climate seldom found elsewhere.

Norway is one of the few countries in the world where the distinctions between the seasons are so clearly drawn. Yet in some parts of the country you can experience winter and summer at the same time. This makes for wonderful changes in the light conditions - from the northern lights of winter to the eternal daylight of summer.

Norwegians are strongly bound to Norwegian nature and very proud of their country. This also applies to the professional film industry, who are eager to show you locations, the like of which you have never seen.




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